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Telecom Engine, a trusted source for research and strategic analysis focused on digital technologies and the CSP industry, determines Guavus is a Big Data Analytics Leader with advantages in a few key areas including its ability to :

  • Collect at Scale – Able to collect event data in real-time and at massive scale, from a variety of sources, batch or streaming, leveraging a big data engine.
  • Enrich & Fuse in Real-Time - Perform real-time complex enrichment & fusion of data with other events and reference data combining data in motion with data at rest.
  • Analytics: Centered on Data Science - Monitor millions of event time-series and apply machine learning for baselining, anomalies detection actionable intelligence.
  • Drive Action or Decision – Insights can be fed into workflows and business processes to automate decisions or integrated with downstream systems for automated alerts and real time actions and operations

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