Improve Profitability, Reduce Churn and Increase Sales

Guavus Suite of Customer Experience applications fully illustrate the customer journey across networks and services, while adhering to subscriber privacy policies. The applications, which correlate and fuse petabytes of streaming and operational data with customer data in real-time, provide contextual insights for next generation customer experience management that improve customer interactions with personalized care and marketing.

Enterprises get rich insights into subscriber usage characteristics and attributes to better understand quality of experience, and create highly personalized offerings for up-sell, cross-sell and data monetization opportunities, which lead to more accurate campaigns, better conversion rates, and increased loyalty and retention.

The next-generation Guavus Customer Experience suite is built around two core analytics applications, Care Reflex and Marketing Reflex,  that leverage a common framework for maximum reusability and extensibility.


Customer Insights & Segmentation

Better understand the customer journey from identification to purchase with end-to-end visibility on subscribers’ usage behaviors and preferences; use audience insights to improve product designs, create customer-centric campaigns and proactively identify triggers that lead to churn.

Explore subscriber data to graphically build, view and analyze sophisticated data relationships using different data dimensions such as network activity, services consumption, CRM data, market segments, special interests, demographic information, social media, etc.

Improve actual churn models by understanding subscriber Quality of Experience and pro-actively address bill shock, potential churn situations and customer dissatisfaction with true Customer Experience Management insights.

Customer Profiling & Targeting

Segment customers based on specific behavioral audience profiles and dynamically target them with personalized offerings based on what they way want, when they want it and how they want to receive those messages to improve customer loyalty, increase sales and boost the bottom line.

Improve efficiency of marketing campaigns and reduce cost of selling with advanced segmentation and targeting based on subscriber usage behavior, current context (device, location, historical records), intent (search, browsing and clickstream, engagement indicators and external data enrichment)

Improve customer retention and loyalty with increased effectiveness of the “Next Best Offer” and better alignment of user needs and operator value proposition.

Data Monetization (Data-as-a-Service)

Extract data into a key revenue asset by offering third party partners data-as-a-service. Monetized data services enable external partners to optimize marketing campaigns, create more intelligent and personalized applications for maximum conversion and enable new revenue streams.

By using the powerful analysis and correlation capabilities of the Guavus Profiling Engine™, advertisers can target specific individuals and audiences with highly relevant messages and offers based on key attributes derived from key word searches, web sites visited and specific URLS.

The result is a significant increase in click through rates and reduced campaign cost for advertisers and higher CPM and additional revenue streams for service providers.

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