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Drive more value from your data using AI and Advanced Analytics

Collect data at scale
Enrich & fuse in real time
Leverage AI based analytics
Initiate action & decisions

Collect data at scale

Enrich & fuse in real time

Leverage AI based analytics

Initiate action & decisions

Guavus at Scale

$500M saved

by our customers annually!

84% reduction

in mean-time-to-understand


response to complex queries

510 Billion

real-time records analyzed daily

Up to 90%

reduction in data stored

500 Million

devices monitored in real-time


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Spinning Data into Pure Gold

Expect to see companies start monetizing big data as technologies emerge to 1) boost the productivity of data scientists, 2) automate a key aspect of machine learning, and 3) spur communications service providers (CSPs) to start riding the digital wave and exit the low-margin, pure-pipe business. These trends will make the job of turning data into more accurate decision-making and actionable business outcomes possible.

Are humans really afraid of change? Maybe not.

There is no shortage of valuable advice on how to embrace change and increase resiliency. The underlying assumption seems to be that people are afraid of change. This belief is expressed as a universal truth, just accepted on its face as fact. But are humans really afraid of change?

Machine Learning Will Transform the Way the Cable Industry Manages Alarms

Through machine learning techniques CSPs are able to reduce alarm volume by more than 90%, while providing increased visibility into customer-impacting issues developing in their network.